About me

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My work at UHV keeps me pretty busy, but it’s got its rewards.  I have three full-time employees working for me, I get to work with state of the art technology, I even have my own office and and private computer test lab.

What kind of job do you want?

Wrap up, 2010-09-01

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While I have to wonder, given that none of you has yet joined this site, if you will ever read this, I still want to say how great tonight’s meeting went. There was good discussion, honesty, and you may not have seen it, but it was both an ego boost, and a humbling experience to hear what you guys think of me. Thanks.

Remember John 13:35, “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”

First Week Is Over!

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How did it go?   Let me know.

Group Projects

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Now that school has started, how many of you have a class with a big project you’ll work on in a group? I ask because Group Projects are the closest thing most of you will experience in school to what you’ll face in the real world. Sure, there are differences. In class, the objective is a good grade. In work, the objective may be a new client, a new source of funding, avoiding a bad situation, or many other things. But what I want you to think about is that sooner or later, you’ll have to work with others, putting your trust in them to achieve a goal.

Group projects are good because they help you learn how to work with others, how to share responsibilities, and usually give you a better understanding of some of your classmates. You learn their strengths, what they’re good at. You learn also what they don’t like to do. And this leads to how group projects can be bad.

I had many group projects when I was in high school and college. With few exceptions, if the group had three or more people in it, there was always one slacker. One guy (and I use “guy” in the generic sense) who didn’t do his share, failed to complete his part, or did his section so poorly that someone else ended up redoing it so we all didn’t get a bad grade. The result? One or two of us working harder than the rest, and one who hardly did any work at all, for a grade that was shared equally among the group. Doesn’t seem fair? Guess what, that doesn’t change when you get into the real world.

People are imperfect. We all know that. So tell me, how does it make you feel knowing you have to trust someone who might let you down?


About me

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One thing I always have to remind myself is that you guys truly live in a different world from myself.   So you guys can see what’s going on in my world, I’ve added a Twitter feed from my work.  Some may make no sense at all, some may seem really boring.  But it’s a small window into what I do.


The first meeting.

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My initial impression of you guys hasn’t changed. There is talent here beyond belief. But are you guys up to the challenge? Are you ready for the responsibility that comes with your gifts?

This week ask yourself, how can I contribute to our group?

Why are you here?

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What’s the point of Ignite?  Why do you show up?  What do you hope to get out of Wednesday night small group, or do you even expect to get anything out of it at all?  Do you only go for the food, because a friend or friends go, or because you’ve always gone?  Do you even care?


Whether you show up each week because your parents need a place to drop you off while they go to their own small group, or because you really enjoy it, I’m glad you go.  But consider this:  No matter what I do or say, you are the one who determines what you’ll get out this. 


So why are you here?